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This is not available in any store! Custom made bikes from drums & bikes

Bikes of the shelf can not be found here. drums & Bikes ( only produces bikes that are preciously tailored to individual customer needs. Special transmissions -customised frames for "big boys", whacky finishes in national colours or favourite animals - the team of drums & bikes makes everything possible. "We produce bikes that are without further ado not available for sale on the market," explains Ingo Tenbücken. He is the contact for customers and ensures the efficient workflow of day to day business. "Our team is comprised of mechanics, varnishers and test cyclists. All have several thousands of bicycle kilometres in the legs and a lot of experience in their specialty. We know what we're talking about."

drums & bikes
Ingo Tenbücken already toyed with the idea of drums & bikes long before its implementation. When his friend and mechanic Kay Waldeck opened his own bike workshop (, the two became partners. Together they have already produced several bikes that are otherwise not available in any store. The good reputation of drums & bikes has spread. Last year, a bike was even sold to as far away as Japan, good contacts in the Netherlands provide for sales in the neighbouring country. Worth highlighting as exemplary to this end is the fact that one of the theme-bikes was ridden from Utrecht to the Olympic Games in London as well as the fact that drums & bikes designed a racer for the women's national team from Uganda (in 2010, identical with Kampala Cycling) that can cope with the most difficult conditions in Africa. Through the presence at fairs and good word-of-mouth propaganda, the company last year also drew the attention of Continental. drums & bikes has especially for the purposes of the new Conti belt drive system, exclusively equipped a bike with the new belt-drive gear prior to the launch, which is used as an exhibition piece and test bike in the Conti-factory in Hanover.

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drums & Bikes was founded in 2010 and specialises in the production of custom-made bikes and drums. In the field of bikes, the managing director Ingo Tenbücken works closely with the owner of Waldeck Voglio Velo - the bicycle workshop in Ratingen ( Together with a team comprised of varnishers, graphic artists, further mechanics and test cyclists, they produce bikes that are customised for specific customer requirements such as for very big, heavy or small cyclists or models that have to withstand specific weather and road conditions. More under

Ingo Tenbücken
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